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English title: Totem
Original title: Totem
German title: Totem
Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, 2022

Director: Burger, Sander
Production company: Volya Films
Co-producers: Tarantula, Leitwolf
Age recommendation: 6 years and up
Length: 90 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Ama is 11 years old and a passionate swimmer. Together with her best friend Thijs, she spends most of her time practising for the upcoming championships. A child of Senagalese parents raised in the Netherlands, Ama feels completely Dutch and has little interest in her parents’ heritage. But when the Dutch authorities unexpectedly prepare to deport her family, Ama finds solace in the totem animal emerging from her mother’s tales of their homeland: a gigantic, magical porcupine.

Cinekid Amsterdam CFF 2022 (awarded), JEF CFF Vlaanderen 2023 (awarded)

Study guide: German

World sales address/es:
Skoop Media (NL)

Sold to:
Periscoop (NL)