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Sea of Silence

English title: Sea of Silence
Original title: Verder dan de Maan
German title: Weiter als der Mond
NL, B, DK, Germany, 2003

Director: Coninx, Stijn
Production company: Isabella Films
Co-producers: KRO, Broadcasting Agency, Sophimages, Lichtblick, Zentropa
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

1969. Man is about to set foot on the moon but Caro, a nine year-old girl living on a pig farm, refuses to countenance such nonsense. If people can fly to the moon this year, then heaven will be next and God would never allow that to happen. Her religious father Mees is even more worried. He must cope with modern-day technology, and running such a large household has driven him to drink. Caro feels close to God and prepares diligently for her First Holy Communion. She makes a deal with her father. If he promises not to drink until her first communion day then in return she will learn to swim, but Mees succumbs and the day ends in disaster. Consequently, Caro starts doing extraordinary things beyond her control while Mees falls into a state of apathy. But a new flock of pigs brings with it fresh hope. When they eventually land on the moon Caro is ot interested. She prefers to look at the moon herself. Meanwhile she has learned to swim, God has become a vague acqaintance and she no longer worries about things beyond her control. She has become a carefree child and welcomes a new life. (. (Source: Holland Film 2003)

"The film captures a bigone age and a society onthe gusp of great change. For Caro's father, a conservative Vatholic peasant, such technical achievements of the modern world are unacceptable. He turns to drink, seeking to forget what he persists in seeing as a deviation of humanity, and makes his family's life a misery." Alissa Simon, Palm Springs International Film Festival

The script by Jacqueline Epskamp is based on autpbiographic experience.

Munich 2004, Giffoni 2004, Buster Copenhagen 2004, Lucas Frankfurt 2004 (awarded), FICI Madrid 2005, Stuttgart 2005 (special mention)

Website: www.verderdandemaan.nl

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Isabella (NL)
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