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Jerrymaya's Detective Agency – The First Mystery

English title: Jerrymaya's Detective Agency – The First Mystery
Original title: LasseMajas detektivbyrå – Det första mysteriet
German title: Jerrymaya's Detective Agency – The First Mystery *
Sweden, 2018

Director: Bornebusch, Josephine
Production company: SF Studios
Age recommendation: 7 years and up
Length: 95 min.
Film genre: Feature film

How did Jerry and Maya meet for the first time?
Join in on their very first case - an exciting adventure that begins when the sisters Hammarabi's book is stolen from Valleby School.
The book carries a mysterious secret, and suddenly everyone at school is a suspect: the fishy caretaker, the gym teacher with the tight jumpsuit, the weird librarian, yes even Principal Brynolfsson herself!  The plot thickens and Jerry and Maya are facing a tough challenge.
Will they fail in solving their very first mystery?

Marketing strategies:
Based on Martin Widmark's books.

Kids Film Festival Warsaw 2018, Giffoni CFF 2019, Cinekid Amsterdam 2019, Kids Kino Poland 2020

Study guide: Finnish

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Reinvent (DK)

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Svensk Filmindustri (SE)
New Horizons (PL)