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Belle & Sebastian

English title: Belle & Sebastian
Original title: Belle & Sébastien
German title: Belle & Sebastian
France, 2013

Director: Vanier, Nicolas
Production company: Radar Films, Epithète Films
Co-producers: Gaumont
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Our story takes place high up in the alps.
There where the snow is immaculate, where chamois chase marmots, where the summits touch the clouds.
High up in a peaceful village - until the day the Germans arrive.
It's the story of a lonely boy and a wild dog.
The story of Sébastien who tames Belle.
It's the adventure of an indestructible friendship.
It's the extraordinary tale of a resourceful and appealing child in the middle of World War Two.
It's the odyssey of a little boy searching for his mother, of an old man searching for his past, of a member of the Resistance searching for love, of a young woman looking for adventure, of a German lieutenant searching for forgiveness.
It's the life of Belle and Sébastien…

Marketing strategies:
Based on novels by Cecile Aubry. Box office success in France, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Canada, South Korea ....

Rome IFF 2013, Ciné Jeune de'l Aisne St. Quentin 2014, Buster Copenhagen 2014, Kristiansand 2014, Cinekid Amsterdam 2014, Chicago CFF 2014 (awarded), Just Film Tallinn 2014 (awarded), New York ICFF 2015 (awarded), Kristiansand 2015, My First Festival Barcelona 2015

Website: www.belleetsebastien-lefilm.com/

Study guide: Finnish

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Gaumont (F)

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