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Lotte from Gadgetville

English title: Lotte from Gadgetville
Original title: Lejutajateküla Lotte
German title: Lotte im Dorf der Erfinder
Estonia, Latvia, 2006

Director: Poldma, Janno & Ernits,Heiki
Production company: Eesti Joonisfilm, Rija Films (Latvia)
Age recommendation: 5 years and up
Length: 81 min.
Film genre: Animation

Short: This animated comedy follows the adventures of Lotte the dog, Bruno the cat, and Albert the rabbit and Susumu the Japanese bee, in a town where inventing new things is a hobby, and a way of life!

Longer version: Lotte is a lively and joyful girl-dog living somewhere on the seashore. The inhabitants if the village have a unusual hobby; they all invent simple maschines and the yearly invention contest is the most important day in their calendar.

Lotte's father Oscar, works on a new invention as does his main competitor Adalbert. The day before the contest Lotte and her best friend Bruno go for a refreshing swim. They find an old book floating in the waves. It turns out to be in Japanese, with interesting pictures of rabbits in white clothes and even a bee. When they hang the book up to dry, the bee falls down from between the pages. He is sumusu, a Japanese judo assistant sensei, who was caught betwen the pages of a falling book and has travelled across the ocean.

Oscar and Lotte have a plan for how to help Susuma back home. They hear about a judo contest in Japan and all three kids join him on the journey to Japan to test their skills. Has the lively and impatient Lotte managed to leard to balance her nature with patient rehearsal? (Source: www.sola-media.net)

Family animation, 75 min.

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Also available as a TV-series 13 episodes 6 min. each

Cinekid Amsterdam 2006, Generation K+ Berlin 2007, Antwerp/Brugge 2007, Kristiansand 2007, Emden 2007, Umea 2007, Ale Kino Poznan 2007, Sprockets Toronto 2008, Reel Fun Film Festival Calgary/Canada 2009

Website: www.joonisfilm.ee

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Sola Media (DE)

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MFA+-Filmverleih (D)
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)
Folkets Bio (SE)
Jef (BE)
In The Air (NL)
Solopan (PL)
gkids (USA)
Kidflix Global
In The Air (NL)