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Missing Lynx, The

Original title: Lince Perdido, El
Spain, 2008

Director: Garcia, Raul & Sícilia, Manuel
Production company: Kandor Graphics, Green Moon Espana
Co-producers: Perro Verde Films, Canal Sur TV, TVG, ETB, TV Canaria, Canal 7

This film starts its tale on the relaxing, hot savannah to just moments later break out into a thrilling action flick starring two lynx's, a lizard and a mole, to name a few. They have all been robbed away in a truck by some people in khaki uniforms. And moments later an eccentric millionaire is also after them. A rich man who has a totally different plan for the animals than them laying back and kicking it on the savannah, and who has given the vicious hunter named Newmann the task to hunt them down. Will they be able to get away from the humans chasing them in or will they spend the rest of their lives on a constructed Noah's arc, which is one part of the millionaire's big plan for our furry little friends.

Marketing strategies:
Produced by Antonio Banderas

Stockholm Junior 2009, Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2009, Giffoni 2009 (awarded), Cinemagic Dublin 2010

Website: www.themissinglynxmovie.com

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6 Sales (ES)