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Moomins and Midsummer Madness

Original title: Muumi ja vaarallinen juhannus
German title: Mumins, Die – Verrückte Sommertage im Mumintal
Finland, Poland, Austria, 2008

Director: Lindberg, Maria
Production company: Filmkompaniet Alpha
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Animation. – A tranquil summer day in the Moomin Valley is interrupted by a volcanic eruption and a huge surge. Water rises higher and higher, but the at the last minute the Moomin family finds refuge in a strange house that floats to their rescue. It turns out this is not an ordinary house but a theatre stage, and the home of certain theatre-loving Emma. Somewhat reluctantly Emma agrees to help the Moomin family who want to produce a play which Moominpappa begins to write.

Problems arise when Moomintroll and the Snork Maiden are separated from the others by accident. During their journey back to the theatre they meet Fillyjonk and spend a wild Midsummer Eve around a bonfire. However, a misunderstanding the following morning makes them fugitives chased by the authorities…

At the same time Little My is also separated from the rest of the family. She runs into Snufkin who has been  wandering on his own. The pair of them challenge the autocratic Park Keeper and end up with a flock of orphan children to look after.

The inhabitants of the Moomin Valley have been thrown about by adventures. Through a series of lucky coincidences they all nevertheless make it to the premier of the Moomin family’s masterpiece “The Lion’s Brides”.

Marketing strategies:
The Moomins are the central characters in an extremely popular and bestselling series of books and a comic strip by Tove Jansson (1914 - 2001), one of the most famous children's authors in Scandinavia. The Moomin books have been translated to over 30 languages and have been the basis for numerous television series, films, operas, radio productions and even a theme park.

The film is also available as a TV-series with more episodes to come. It is based on animation from the famous, Oscar® awarded SEMAFOR Film Studios. The animation is visually extraordinary and the story is very loyal to the original  Tove Jansson' Moomin books.

BUFF Malmö 2008, Kristiansand 2008, London Children's Film Festival 2008, Zlin 2009, Istanbul ICFF 2009

World sales address/es:
Global Genesis Group (US)

Sold to:
FS Film Oy (FI)
EuroVideo (DE)