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My Dad's A Detective! - Witches Paradise

Original title: Mijn Vader is een Detective: De Wet van 3
German title: My Dad's A Detective! - Witches Paradise *
Netherlands, 2011

Director: Wissink, Will
Production company: Amsterdam Films
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

When detective Max is hired by fourteen-year-old Mara to find her missing mother, his son, Sam, and Sam's friend Ortwin start to worry. Max doesn't realize that Mara's a witch, and Sterre, the girl both boys fancy, is falling under her spell. As Sam and Ortwin do their best to expose Mara, they find themselves in a mysterious grove where strange rituals take place, things disappear, and no one is safe.

Marketing strategies:
2nd Part of a series of three films:
My Dad's A Detective! - The Mysterious Island Fort (2009)
My Dad's A Detective! - The Battle (2013)

Utrecht 2011: Moviesquad Junior Award, Vittorio Veneto 2012 (awarded)

Website: www.mijnvaderiseendetective.nl

World sales address/es:
A'dam Films (NL)

Sold to:
A-Film (NL)