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My Classroom

Original title: Mia Classe, La
German title: Mein Klassenzimmer *
Italy, 2013

Director: Gaglianone, Daniele
Production company: Axelotil Film, Kimerafilm
Co-producers: RAI Cinema
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

An actor plays a teacher holding Italian classes attended by a group of immigrants who play themselves. They´re working in Italy and need to learn Italian to get their papers, become integrated, and make a living in their new home. Since they come from a variety of countries, each brings his or her own world into the classroom. During the shooting, however, something happens, and reality takes over: when the director shouts "Cut!", the whole cast invades the set. Now they all become actors in the same true story, all in one "true fiction " film.

London IFF 2013, Venice IFF 2013, Castellinaria Bellinzona 2013, Göteborg 2014

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