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My Sister’s Kids 2

Original title: Min søsters børn i sneen
German title: Kinder meiner Schwester im Schnee, Die
Denmark, 2002

Director: Jensen, Tomas Villum
Production company: Moonlight Filmproduction ApS, Copenhagen
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Uncle Erik Lund, a famous professor of child psychology, has to look after his sister's mischievous children yet again, otherwise a planned skiing holiday in Norway will have to be cancelled. This is because their father has broken a leg and their mother is worried about being able to cope with the children alone. When the family arrives at their holiday hotel in Norway, the children discover that their annoying neighbour Irene Flinth and her party are also booked in there. Faced with the prospect of having to spend a whole week with Ms Flinth, the children start scheming, and know just how to set up their uncle. A fiasco is on the cards, but the kids know their tricks. (Nordic Filmdays Luebeck 2002)

Children's Jury Award at the Nordic Filmdays Luebeck 2002: "We chose the film “My Sister’s Kids 2” because it is realistic, funny, exciting and interesting for children. The children come up with some crazy ideas on how to get out of having to spend their skiing holiday in a dilapidated wooden cabin. We particularly like the Poulsen family life. All the actors played their roles convincingly, and we especially liked Mr Lund, the children’s uncle. One of our favourite scenes was the one where the uncle goes racing down the black piste backwards and forwards. The landscape and the music suited the story well. We had great fun watching this film." (Statement of the Children's Jury Luebeck 2002)

"This is certainly very comical and we totally recommend it. People are always joking and doing very funny things" (Patrick & Sam, Children's Film Festival Leeds 2003)

"Very jolly plot with loads of good laughs, it was a family comedy and lots of different aged people would like it as anyone could relate to it. It was a bit like a Hollywood children's film , only better." (Young People's Jury at Children's Film Festival Leeds 2003)

Luebeck 2002 (awarded), Sandnes 2002, Antwerp 2003, Leeds 2003 (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2003

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