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Original title: Blodsbånd
Norway, 2007

Director: Holst, Marius
Production company: Spillefilmselskapet 4 1/2
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Mirush, a 15 year-old, lives in Kosovo with his brother and mother. One day, Mirush leaves Kosovo hoping to find his father in Norway, who abandoned the family when Mirush was very young. Now the father runs a restaurant in Oslo, but he is also in deep debt to the Albanian Mafia. The father has started a new life with his Norwegian girlfriend, while his Albanian family is only a vague memory. That is, until Mirush shows up. He starts to work in his father’s restaurant without letting him know that he is his son. Gradually they learn to know each other, but what Mirush discovers about his father is not something he is prepared to take. He is forced to make choices that will have large consequences, for both of them.

Director's statement:
"Mirush” is the story of a boy on the run. It is a story of a boy who longs for a father he cannot remember, but of whom he has created clear images. It is also a story of turning your back on what you desire the most, in order to become yourself.

The ¨father and son¨ theme has always interested me. Not only the relationship itself, but in particular how an abandoned son is shaped by the absence of his father , and how he is driven by the desire to be loved and the fear of being rejected by a person he does not even know. This is one of the essential themes in the story of Mirush. As is a father’s attempt to open up his heart to a boy he has tried so hard to forget .

Marius Holst, Director

Montreal 2007, Copenhagen 2007 (awarded), Pusan 2007, Mannheim-Heidelberg 2007, Giffoni 2008, Buster Copenhagen 2008

Website: www.fourandhalf.no

World sales address/es:
TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)

Sold to:
Columbia Tristar (Norway)