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Max Embarrassing 3

Original title: Max Pinlig på Roskilde – nu med mor
German title: Max Peinlich 3
Denmark, 2012

Director: Svendsen, Lotte
Production company: Asta Film
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

Max has finished school and is becoming an adult. He is on his way to find a life outside his mother's overprotective wings. When he meets Kaya, she gives him the final push to become independent and finally to move out. He moves over to his father but ends up as a lodger at the neighbour Steen Kold. Max would like to go to the Roskilde Festival with Kaya and gets help with the tickets from Steen Kold who is also coming along. Mom is afraid of what will happen to Max, so she decides to follow him and Steen Kold. This leads to many poignant and incredibly embarrassing episodes deeply rooted in her great love for her son, but also in her desire to still be in the centre of his attention.

Marketing strategies:
Based on Lotte Svendsen's successful television series.

Winner of Danish Audience Award 2012, Zlin 2013

World sales address/es:
Asta Film (DK)

Sold to:
Svensk Filmindustri (DK)