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Miss Sweden

Original title: Fröken Sverige
Sweden, 2004

Director: Magnusson-Norling, Tova
Production company: Sandrew Metronome, Film i Väst
Co-producers: SVT, Ekstranda
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

A bittersweet film about teenage years. It focuses on 19-year-old Moa, played by lovely Alexandra Dahlström, who had her acting debut as Elin in Lukas Moodysson’s “Fucking Åmål”. Moa lives in small-town Sweden. Her friends are terribly politically correct, woolly liberal vegetarians and animal rights activists. Moa does all she can to fit in with them, but she keeps putting her foot in it by listening to the wrong music, wearing the wrong clothes and falling in love with the wrong guy. It gradually dawns on Moa that her friends treat her like a dog that can just be pushed around. She decides to take control of her own life, even if it means being an outsider. Debut director Tova Magnusson-Norling sensitively portrays a time in which the fear of isolation clashes with the need for individuality. We’ve all been there – we live it every day. (Nordic Filmdays Lübeck 2004)

65.000 admissions in Sweden.

Lübeck 2004, Leeds 2005, Zlin 2005, Giffoni 2005, Cinemagic Belfast 2005

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Sandrew (S)