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Month's Rulers

Original title: Dvanáct m?sí?k?
German title: zwölf Monate, Die
Czech Republic, 2012

Director: Janak, Karel
Production company: Czech Television
Age recommendation: 7 years and up

On Christmas Eve the peace of a small village below the mountains is disturbed by the arrival of its native – a young man called Charlie, an eligible bachelor returning from abroad, where he has evidently done well. He becomes an attractive catch for all the village girls eager for marriage, to such extent that they take his cottage by storm. But Charlie has no intention to have the yoke of matrimony put on his neck. And so his brother Nicky thinks of a way to escape it: set the girls unworkable tasks. Mary´s spoilt half-sister Kathy is eager to marry, too, and her mother orders Mary to fulfil the difficult tasks for her. But nobody has any idea of the existence and the might of the mysterious Months. Yet it is not by pure chance that Mary makes their acquaintance. They help her to find violets and strawberries in the middle of winter, and make an old apple tree come alive. Despite her stepmother´s and half-sister´s scheming, lies and advances, Charlie takes notice of Mary, and they take a liking to each other.

Marketing strategies:
Freely based on a fairy-tale by Bozena Nemcová.

Schlingel Chemnitz 2013 (awarded)

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Czech TV (CZ)