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Matei, Child Miner

Original title: Matei Copil Miner
France, Germany, Romania, 2013

Director: Gulea, Alexandra
Production company: Europolis Film srl Romania
Co-producers: Ciulei Films (DE), Schneider Lu?thje Hörl (DE), La Vie est Belle (FR)
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

Matei (11) lives with his grandfather in a coalmining region in Romania. His parents went to work in Italy a couple of years ago. His relationship with his grandfather is very close. After an incident, Matei is unfairly kicked out of school and his grandfather reacts violently to this. Their mutual trust is destroyed. Matei flees from home and seeks shelter with Isidor, a mountain shepherd, who sends him back to school. Instead, Matei goes to Bucharest where he discovers The Museum of Natural Science. He returns home. Shortly after his arrival, his grandfather dies and Matei is sent to a children's home. When his mother and younger brother return to Romania to take him to Italy, Matei hides and they are forced to leave without him. He decides to stay and follow in his grandfather's footsteps.

Zlin 2013, International Women's Film Festival Dortmund / Köln 2014, Olympia Pyrgos 2014

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Europolis (RO)