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Me and You

Original title: Io e te
German title: Ich und Du *
Italy, 2011

Director: Bertolucci, Bernardo
Production company: Medusa Film
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Lorenzo, a solitary 14 year-old with difficulties relating to the world around him, chooses to spend a week hidden in the basement of his house. But Lorenzo's fragile and rebellious step-sister, Olivia, appears at her brother's place of refuge and disturbs the quiet.

Toronto IFF 2012, Taipei 2012, Kolkata 2012, Mumbai 2012, Haifa 2012, Cannes 2012, Dubai 2012, San Sebastian 2012, Rotterdam 2012, Hongkong 2013, Göteborg 2013, BUFF Malmö 2013, Belgrade 2013, Buster Copenhagen 2013, Ale Kino! Poznan 2013

World sales address/es:
Hanway (GB)

Sold to:
Medusa (I)