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Mr. Blott's Triumph

Original title: Triumf Pana Kleksa
Poland, 2001

Director: Gradowski, Krzysztof
Production company: Studio Miniatur Filmowych, HBO Polska, Agencija Produkcji Filmowej
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

A young sketch artist faces a crisis and looks for inspiration in one of his favourite children's books, "Mr. Blott's Academy" by Jan Brzechwa. He tries to make it into a comic book, but the protagonists of the book seem to get out of his control. Alas their life is not happy-go-lucky. Mr. Blott and his friends meet their long-time enemy Alois Blister. The situation is serious, and the artist himself has to do something about it. He enters his work as a cartoon character. (Polish Cinema 2001)

A combination of live-action film and animation.

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