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Magic Log, The

Original title: Olentzero y el Tronco Magico
Spain, 2005

Director: Elordi, Juanjo
Production company: Baleuko-Bartonfilms

It is Christmas in a small village in the Pyrenees. Olentzero is a pleasant person who represents the Christmas spirit and hands out presents to children. He’s already received all the letters from the children in the valley and is watching their behaviour through the magic log which burns in his fireplace. A wicked businessman has arrived in the village at this time. He intends to cut down the wood to build a ski resort. His silly assistant, by chance, steals the “magic log” and all the children’s letters from the Olentzero’s house so putting the children’s presents at risk. Anjé, a young coalman, and the other children are going to be responsible for sorting out the situation.

Giffoni 2006 (awarded)

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Barton (ESP)