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Magic Crystal, The

Original title: Maaginen kristalli
Finland, 2011

Director: Haikala, Antti
Production company: Epidem ZOT
Co-producers: Skyline entertainment
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

A magic crystal makes it possible for Santa to multiply his efforts to distribute presents to children and thus bring happiness to families all over the world. But Santa´s evil twin brother Basil has a diabolic plan. He will steal the crystal and gain control over children´s minds. But thanks to the courage of a human boy, Yotan, the crystal is saved by Santa´s RED CAPS – his crew of elvish helpers. They succeed, after many adventures and crises, in saving the crystal and bringing it back to Santa´s headquarters in Korvatunturi. But even if this film shares the ethic values of the Elvish tradition, The Magic Crystal is closer to science fiction than to the classic Nordic mythology.

3D animation

Just Film Tallinn 2012

World sales address/es:
Epidem ZOT (SF)

Sold to:
Future Film Distr. (SF)