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Mustafa’s Sweet Dreams

Original title: Mustafa’s Sweet Dreams
German title: Mustafa’s Sweet Dreams
Greece, Great Britain, 2011

Director: Abazoglou, Angelos
Production company: Cyclope Productions
Co-producers: Al Jazeera England
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Docufiction. – Mustafa is a sixteen years old apprentice who was sent by his family when he was a little boy to learn the art of baklava making at his uncle’s Basri workshop in Gaziantep, Eastern Turkey.

In Gaziantep traditional craft means a hard apprenticeship that requires respect and obedience to the masters. But Mustafa is an uneasy character that dreams of freedom and success. He wants to become a famous pastry chef in the big city. He finds the way to move to Istanbul but the journey he goes through to reach his dream is complex and he finds more than just baklava and bright lights at his destination.

Berlin Generation 2012, Stockholm Filmfestival Junior 2012

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Taskovski Films (GB)