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Mystery of Morphus, The

Original title: Morphus-Geheimnis, Das
German title: Morphus-Geheimnis, Das
Germany, 2008

Director: Hatop, Karola
Production company: Provois
Co-producers: RBB, MDR, BR, Lang Film
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

What happens when all of a sudden all people fall asleep and you are the only one who stays awake? This is what ten-year-old Nicki unvoluntarily experiences when the last composition called Morphus by the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven accidentally ends up in his schoolbag. The melody holds magic powers because everybody who listens to it falls asleep. Only a few people know about this secret such as the gangsters Max and Kwapisch.

On a trip with his dad into the snowy mountains, the gangsters follow Nicki and his dad to steal the Morphus score. They want to use the magic force of the music for their racketeering. For the shy boy this is the start of a turbulent adventure. After arriving at the hotel Nicki learns about the magic powers of the melody when he starts to play it on his trumpet. He experiences that suddenly all people around fall asleep except for the gangsters Max and Kwapisch. Now he is completely alone and has to face the attacks and intrigues of the two gangsters. He has to fight for the Morphus score to save himself, his dad and everybody else from the evil doings of the villains. In this difficult situation, he makes substantial progress and changes from an anxious child into a self-confident boy.

Lucas Frankfurt 2008, Chemnitz 2008

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Progress Film-Verleih (D)

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Progress Film-Verleih (D)