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Mat, the Cat

Original title: Röövlirahnu Martin
German title: magische Kater, Der
Estonia, 2004

Director: Vilbre, René
Production company: Parunid & Vonid
Co-producers: Amrion Oü, Taska Film
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Ten-year.old Martin is having trouble at his new school. But when a mysterious cat called Nitram appears, Martin gets help in winning the attention of the beautiful Marta and resisting the school bully.

(Longer version):
After moving to the country, ten year old Martin finds it increasingly hard to get used to his new surroundings. His biggest competitor at school is Kevin – a rich, spoiled kid. Having lots of everything, he is able to worm out a friendship with the young girl Marta. In comparison, Martin seems to be plagued by bad luck. Martin therefore withdraws into his own world, a wooden house on a huge cliff. And there unable to believe his eyes, a cat talks to him. This fantastic creature, who not only can talk, but also change into a strong lad and do magic, becomes Martin’s friend. They soon form a closely knit team. Together they succeed in conquering Marta’s heart as well as solving Martin’s school problems.

"Everyone knows the feeling of how it is to be lonely. And what you need most at a time like that is a big strong friend. Ten-year-old Martin is an outsider in a small Estonian town. One day he meets a cat in an empty field. The animal turns into a punky boy with a tail, a studded armband and cat-like eyes. The film tells this simple story in an original and complex way. The characters are quickly understood and clearly portrayed, but they are never one-dimensional. In the end they all show a surprising new side of their personality. Martin and Mat the Cat are strong figures that will remain in our memory. Extremely good dialogue, surprising twists and imaginative ideas give the film depth and make it enjoyable for both children and adults." Statement of the Jury, Nordic Filmdays Luebeck 2005

Zlin 2005, Showcommotion Sheffield 2005, Lucas Frankfurt 2005, Luebeck 2005 (awarded), FICI Madrid 2005, Arsenals Riga 2006, Stockholm Junior 2006, Just Film Tallinn 2016

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