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Michael Inside

Original title: Michael Inside
German title: Michael Inside
Ireland, 2017

Director: Berry, Frank
Production company: Subotica
Age recommendation: 18 years and up
Length: 96 min.
Film genre: Feature film

Michael McCrea, an impressionable eighteen-year-old, lives with his grandfather Francis in a Dublin housing-estate. Michael’s life is changed dramatically when he is caught holding a bag of drugs for his friend’s older brother, and is sentenced to three months in prison. Inside, Michael is befriended by an older drug dealer, and is exposed to violence and intimidation. Researched and workshopped with former prisoners from the Irish Prison Service’s Pathways Programme, the story of Michael Inside is an expression of many real-life experiences. The film takes a realistic look at the circumstances that lead to Michael’s conviction, his time in prison, and how prison has affected his thinking and his behavior when he gets out.

Giffoni 2018, Just Film Tallinn 2018

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