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My Very Best Friend

Original title: Château en Espagne, Un
German title: Mein bester Freund
France, 2007

Director: Doval, Isabelle
Production company: MP Productions, EuropaCorp
Co-producers: TF1 Films
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Two true friends have known each other since early childhood. They are neighbors: one is the son of a Spanish concierge couple; the other has no father, and his family owns property in the building. Esteban’s parents are obliged to leave for Spain, provoking a major drama between the two children and their two families.

Romacinemafest 2007:
Esteban and Maxime are inseparable. Their families have always lived in the same Parisian building and Maxime, who has lived alone with his mother, a hard-working attorney, since his father died, has always felt part of Esteban's happy, friendly family. The boys have known each other since birth and consider themselves more than friends, they are brothers. The two friends have secretly made a small attic room the center of their world, where they invent characters and store their disguises and most treasured possessions. But their friendship is threatened when Maxime learns to his dismay that Esteban and his Spanish-born family are moving back to Spain. The two boys dream up a plan that they must soon put into action.

Rome 2007, Shanghai 2008, Lucas Frankfurt 2008 (awarded), Augsburg 2009 (awarded)

Website: www.unchateauenespagne.com

World sales address/es:
Europacorp (F)

Sold to:
Vertigo (BE)
Jef (BE)