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Original title: Maria
German title: Maria
Romania, 2003

Director: Netzer, Peter Calin
Production company: Artis Film Cornelia Palos,
Co-producers: Karl Baumgartner, P. A. Meier
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Maria is a film that presents a destiny. In a desperate situation, a woman chooses prostitution as a last, ditch solution to fend for her children. Beyond the implications in this (real) case, the film also depicts the struggle transition. Ion, Maria's husband, Milco and Mala are characters who try to make a change in their lives. In fact, for them this change means nothing more than survival. Unempoyed people, prostitutes who try to accost truckers at road junctions, tenants of flats who can no longer pay for for their maintenance, two-bit-crooks, they all live a chaotic, ruthless, most of the time unfair life. Still, responsibility, friendship and even love are not absent from the picture. Yet none of the characters can actually alter their destiny. With the exception of Maria. Moved by her plight, the authorities decide to come to her assistance. But this tiny flicker of hope .... (Zlin 2004)

Zlin 2004 (awarded)