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Original title: Toast
Great Britain, 2010

Director: Clarkson, S. J.
Production company: Ruby Films
Age recommendation: 13 years and up

Great Britain in the sixties, as seen through the eyes of Nigel Slater, who thirty years later was to become one of the country’s favourite cookery writers. Even as a child, he displays a propensity for this profession and falls in love with food. Growing up in a home when everything tinned is best, Nigel craves real food and cookbooks. When his mother dies, he and his father are heartbroken. But time heals, and the charms and the pies of the new cleaner, Mrs. Potter, quickly bewitch Nigel’s father. To Nigel’s greater horror, Mrs. Potter moves in and the three move to the country. The only silver lining is the Domestic Science Class in his new school, where Nigel can finally shine. When he lands a job in the kitchen of a pub, his eyes are opened to a world of opportunity. But Mrs Potter won’t give up her supremacy in the kitchen without a fight.

Giffoni 2011, Just Film Tallinn 2011

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