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Tic Tac

Original title: Tic Tac
German title: Tic Tac
Spain, 1997

Director: Vergés, Rosa
Production company: Avanti SA
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

7-year-old Hector has a very strange wish and decides to write to the three wise men (who bring gifts for the children every year, on January 6th). It is his dream to sample eternity! His wish jeopardises the entire family's travel plans, however, shortly after leaving Spain, their train stops at a mysterious and nameless station in France. Hector gets out and posts his letter in a post box which is only for the three wise men. Suddenly it begins to get dark ...

KJK 2/97
Avanti-Film does not exist any more.

Berlin 1997

World sales address/es:
Avanti Films SA (E)