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Tristan and the Princess of Irelandis

Original title: Tristan et Iseut
France/Luxembourg, 2002

Director: Schiel, Thierry
Production company: Oniria Productions S.A., Luxemburg
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Animation. The story is set in the Middle Ages. Tristan is a son of the king. He is not yet a knight and he refuses to be married to the daughter of the King of England. Instead he starts out on a long journey, with Robin Goodfellow - the film’s narrator - following in his footsteps. Tristan’s uncle on his father’s side is involved in a terrible battle with another king, and he wants to accept an invitation to settle it with a man-to-man fight. Until Tristan arrives, hoewver, he can’t find anyone who dares to fight the giant Morold. Because he is so brave Tristan wins the sword fight, but is wounded by Morold’s poisoned sword. He needs to be nursed, and thanks to Isolde’s care and attention he recovers. Ignoring Robin’s advice, Tristan falls in love with Isolde, but because Isolde has sworn to avenge Morold, he is unable to tell her who he actually is. When she eventually discovers anyway, Isolde rejects him and Tristan returns home in time to stop his father’s advisor stealing the throne. Then his uncle abdicates and arranges a marriage between Tristan and Isolde. (Catalogue Cinekid Amsterdam 2002)

Marketing strategies:
More than 70.000 admissions in Poland

Cinekid Amsterdam 2002, Istanbul 2003

Website: www.oniriapictures.com/tristan.html

World sales address/es:
Oniria (Lux)

Sold to:
Mont-Blanc (CH)
Mars (FR)
Kinepolis (B)
Vision (PL)
Super RTL (D)