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These Days

Original title: Questi Giorni
German title: These Days
Italy, 2016

Director: Piccioni, Giuseppe
Production company: 11 Marzo Film, Publispei, Rai Cinema
Length: 120 min.
Film genre: Feature film

A countryside town. Between old walls, on nocturnal jaunts along the shore, in the enchantment of a brief trespassing in nature, we experience the life and expectations of four girls whose friendship is not born out of overwhelming passions, mutual interests or great ideals. To unite them are not affinities but habits, occasional enthusiasms, harmless contrasts, feelings cultivated in secret. Their connection is unique and unrepeatable as are the few days they spend traveling together to accompany one of their friends to Belgrade, where a mysterious friend and an improbable work opportunity await them.

Marketing strategies:
Freely adapted from the unpublished novel “Color betulla giovane” by Marta Bertini

Venice IFF 2016, London IFF 2016, Belgrade IFF 2016, Youngabout Bologna 2017

World sales address/es:
Rai Com (IT)

Sold to:
BIM Distr. (IT)