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Tom, the Truant

Original title: Tom le Cancre
German title: Tom le Cancre
France, 2012

Director: Pradal, Manuel
Production company: Lanterna Magica
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

A class of five-year-old children gets lost in the forest after their schoolmistress faints from eating wild berries. All alone, they encounter a fourteen-year-old runaway, Tom the Truant, who lives in a centennial oak tree. Tom strikes a deal with them: he will bring them back to their parents, safe and sound, when they have forgotten everything they learned in school. A field trip led by a “master Truant”, or how to re-enchant the world with fantasy and impertinence.

Rome IFF 2012, Leeds Young FF 2013, Soul VFF 2013, Vittorio Veneto 2013, Shanghai 2013, Tromsø CFF 2013, Cinekid Amsterdam 2013, Chicago ICFF 2013

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