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That Special Summer

Original title: Kid Svensk
German title: ungergesslicher Sommer, Ein
Sweden, 2007

Director: Huolman, Nanna
Production company: Tre Vänner Produktion AB
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

Gothenburg 1984. 12 year old kid loves Sweden and everything Swedish. She’s ashamed of her Finnish heritage and of her mother, who hasn’t learnt the language all that well. Schools just out for summer and Kid travels with her mom to Finland. But the trip does not turn out as she expected. Kid soon finds out that her mom plans to stay in Finland to open a race car restaurant in the middle of the forrest in northern Karelen. Kid’s childhood friend Jamppe is also in Finland and it seems something is evolving between the two of them. Something that sparks their curiousity.

Director’s statement
“This story is inspired by my own experiences growing up in a Finnish immigrant family in Sweden. I lived with my single mother who, despite years of living in the country, refused to learn the language. I was caught between two languages, Swedish and Finnish, neither of which I could speak properly, meant that I had great trouble communicating, which created a suffocating and oppressive feeling. It was like trying to breathe under water. This experience created the character Kid and it is through her eyes that we see the world”.
(Source: Giffoni 2007)

BUFF Malmö 2007, Umea 2007, Giffoni 2007, Karlovy Vary 2007, Hamburg 2007, Umea 2007, Chemnitz 2007 (awarded), Cinekid Amsterdam 2007, Lübeck 2007 (awarded), , Oulu 2007 (awarded), Antwerp/Brugge 2008, Montreal 2008, Kristiansand 2008, Alekino Poznan 2008 (awarded), Berimora Children's Film Festival Riga 2009

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TrustNordisk Int. Sales (DK)