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Tom and Thomas

Original title: Tom en Thomas
Netherlands, 2001

Director: Lammers, Esmé
Production company: First Floor Features
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Living in different environments, the nine-year-old boys Tom and Thomas are unaware of each other’s existence, yet they have always sensed that the other is somehow there. They finally meet at the Science Museum and from then on their lives start to mix and they promise never to part again. Until child smugglers come there way...

Children's Jury comment at the Antwerp Festival for Children's Films:
"A fascinating screenplay with a variety of emotions: tension, joy, sadness and even a little bit of romance. There were members of the jury who were hiding underneath their coats or were on the verge of tears. From time to time it was also very funny.
Also fascinating was the manner of switching between Tom and Thomas when they shared each-other’s emotions. We would like to congratulate Aaron Johnsson with his acting-achievements: he let us believe two boys existed with a different speech and character for the duration of the film."

Antwerp 2002 (Special mention), Gent 2002, Chicago 2002, Stuttgart 2003, Giffoni 2003

Website: www.firstfloorfeatures.com

World sales address/es:
First Floor (NL)
France TV President Classics (F)

Sold to:
Jef (BE)
Walt Disney (NL)
Kinderkanal (D)