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Tigers & Tattoos

Original title: Tigre og Tatoveringer
German title: Tiger & Tattoos
Denmark, 2010

Director: Bengtson, Karla von
Production company: Copenhagen Bombay
Age recommendation: 3 years and up

The little orphan Maj lives with her uncle Sonny in his tattoo shop. Even though Sonny is nothing like a real father, Maj loves to be with him, especially when he is working. But, as Sonny usually says: Children and tattoos are a really lousy cocktail …

Animation, 43 minutes.

Munich CFF 2011, Lucas Frankfurt 2011, Michel Hamburg 2011, FICI Madrid 2011, Ale Kino! Poznan 2011, Hannover 2012, BUFF Malmö 2012, Kristiansand 2012, Haugesund 2012

Website: www.tigreogtatoveringer.dk

World sales address/es:
Copenhagen Bombay (DK)

Sold to:
Kontxt Film (NO)