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Three Kids

Original title: Twa Timoun
Belgium, 2012

Director: Adesky, Jonas d’
Production company: Hélicotronc Productions
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Vitaleme, Pierre and Mikenson are twelve years old and live in a home in Port-au-Prince. They are friends and do everything together. Vitaleme is haunted by his memories as a child servant and obsessed by the idea of freedom. He tries to convince his two friends to leave the home and live as they will.
When the town is struck by an earthquake, all three of them find themselves on the street. They try to find somewhere to live, and in various ways get by on petty crime. They play football to fill up their free time. Little by little they build a new life for themselves. Now that he is free, Vitaleme is no longer haunted by his past, until he finds himself separated form his two friends by an accident.

Berlin Generation 2013

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