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Testimony of Taliesin Jones, The

Original title: Testimony of Taliesin Jones, The
German title: Offenbarung des Taliesin Jones, Die
Great Britain, USA, 2000

Director: Duffy, Martin
Production company: Snake River Productions, USA-Malibi
Age recommendation: 12 years and up

Twelve-year-old Taliesin Jones lives with his father and brother on a remote farm. Their mother left the family to live with another man "to bring some colour in her life". His father's reaction is apathetic, his brother feels bitter. Tal feels lonely, does not have friends in school and gets pushed around. In his despair Tal turns to God. But who is God?

Berlin 2001, Kassel 2001

Website: www.taliesinjones.com

World sales address/es:
IAC Film (GB)

Sold to:
Kinderkanal (D)