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Original title: Thunderpants
Great Britain, 2001

Director: Hewitt, Peter
Production company: Mission Pictures
Co-producers: CP Medien, Ludwigsburg
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

From the day Patrick Smash was born he has intrigued doctors, parents and teachers alike with what can only be described as a special gift. His parents tried hard to be kind, tried to accommodate their unusual child but before too long they lost their sense of humour. Shunned by his own family, Patrick's only real friend is fellow scapegoat and child prodigy, Alan Allen. Together they dream of a day when they will not be bullied, when they can pursue their dreams, which in Patrick's case is to become a spaceman. Patrick soon learns to the surprise of many that he can turn his gift into a special talent, and with Alan he wins a non-assisted flight competition. Then, under the tutelage of Sir John Osgood, the world's
second best opera singer, Patrick travels the world, secretly filling in the high notes for Osgood. A conspiracy that the world's leading opera star, Placido Placeedo, is about to expose when Patrick unwittingly causes his demise. Not only is Patrick denounced by the world's media, but in a further twist he is sentenced to death for his crime! His only hope lies in his true friend Alan and the clever people at the US Space Centre who eventually sit up and take a closer look at this extraordinary boy.

"'Thunderpants' deals with a stinky topic in a particulary funny, clever and exciting way. The story told with great passion and loving attention to details." (Jury Lucas Filmfestival 2002, Frankfurt)

A very entertaining film - for adults as well - with the sense for absurd details that we have already seen in Hewitt's "The Borrowers". (Lutz Graefe, KJK)

Leeds Children's Film Festival 2001, Frankfurt 2002 (awarded), Antwerp 2003, Vienna 2004

Website: www.thunderpantsmovie.com

World sales address/es:
Pathé Int. & UK

Sold to:
A-Film (NL)
Jef (BE)
Pathé Int. & UK