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Original title: Sztuczki
German title: Kleine Tricks
Poland, 2007

Director: Jakimowski, Andrzej
Production company: Zair Sp zo.o., Kino Swiat International
Co-producers: WFDIF, Telewizja Polska SA, Canal+, Cyfrowy, Opus Film, PISF
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Stefek lives together with his mother and his older sister in a small, Polish village. While the older sister persistently tries to get a job at a large company, Stefek ambles around the streets of the city and dreams about his father, who eloped the family. When he sees a man at the railway station who might be his father, Stefek uses several tricks to prevent the man from leaving the city. 'Tricks' paints a convincing and seductive portrait of a sleepy local community, where children's magical ways of dealing with the world still have a chance.

“The Special Award goes to the enchanting quest of a little boy’s mission to find his father. This film does a superb job in mixing fantasy with a very well choreographed reality. And in the end, the orchestration of the mix of the boy’s tricks and the technique of the film, and the reality that comes to life through the characters and the setting lead us through a heart-warming experience of reunion.“ (Jury Mannheim-Heidelberg 2007)

(among many others): Venice 2007 (awarded), Gdynia 2007 (awarded), Mannheim-Heidelberg 2007 (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2008, Munich 2009, Olympia Pyrgos 2009 (awarded)

Website: www.sztuczki-film.pl/index_en.html

World sales address/es:
Warsaw Film Foundation (PL)

Sold to:
Kino Swiat (PL)
Koolfilm (D)