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Test of Time, The

Original title: Tand des Tijds, De
German title: Test of Time, The *
Netherlands, 2019

Director: Bosch, Joost van den
Production company: The Film Kitchen
Age recommendation: 8 years and up
Length: 82 min.
Film genre: Animation

Perhaps all teachers want to make their lessons interesting. To achieve this, a history teacher, Mr Menno, goes out of his way and steals the Tooth of Time, an ancient talisman which can summon up any historical figure to the present day. But one mistake is enough to bring about a catastrophe. Mr Menno is captured by a sly pirate, and our world becomes flooded with a countless number of historical figures. Three friends in Mr Menno's class have to travel back in time and save their teacher, so that he can put everything back in order.

Juniorfest Plzen 2019, Anima Brussels 2020, Rolan Bykow CFF Yerevan 2020

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The Film Kitchen