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Thin Match Man, The

Original title: Uomo fiammifero, L'
German title: Uomo fiammifero, L'
Italy, 2009

Director: Chiarini, Marco
Production company: Cineforum Teramo
Age recommendation: 10 years and up

The thin Match-man lives in the Moon. If you see him, he will make all your wishes come true. 11-year-old Simone is sure that the thin Match-man is arriving to the Earth in five days. Simone has to be prepared for it so he solicits aid from his friends Mark the Dark, Uncle Disc, Kram, Nino the pig and the lovely Lorenza. Simone's father doesn't understand his son's mission, and the mean Rubio doesn't help him either.

"A movie for adults only if accompanied by children" (from the Pressbook).

"? beautiful and original example of magic realism. A true director’s film." (Comment of the Jury at the Olympia Children's Film Festival in Pyrgos 2011)

Giffoni 2009, Cairo 2010 (awarded), Oulu 2010, Cinekid Amsterdam 2010, Zlin 2011, Olympia Pyrgos 2011 (awarded), Taiwan 2012

Website: www.uomofiammifero.it

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