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Original title: Bez doteku
Czech Republic, 2013

Director: Chlupá?ek, Mat?j
Production company: Barletta s.r.o.
Age recommendation: 16 years and up

This film tells the story of a maturing young girl named Jolana, who is the object of sexual desire by her stepfather. Jolana cannot deal with the problems in her family and is losing the ability to communicate with her friends; she falls further and further into the closed world of her imagination. She can no longer play her role in the "happy family" at home. The outside world drags her down; she's afraid, but she cannot turn away from the submissive erotic games. The unbearableness of the situation and a number of dramatic events lead our main heroine to a whorehouse, where her situation becomes even worse. But the question remains, what does Jolana actually want... Isn't escaping to her dreams better than the horrible reality around her?

Zlin 2013