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Original title: Talea
German title: Talea
Austria, 2013

Director: Mückstein, Katharina
Production company: La Banda Film
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

Summertime. Everybody is excited to go on vacation to Italy. Everybody but Jasmin. She aches to be with her mother Eva who has just been released from jail on probation. Jasmin runs away from her foster home and convinces Eva to go on a trip. They get closer but when a man attracts Eva’s attention, the newly built mother-and-daughter-relationship threatens to fail.

Max Ophuels Award 2013, Sarajevo IFF 2013, Thessaloniki 2013, Zürich IFF 2013, Molodist Kiew 2013, BUFF Malmö 2014

Website: labandafilm.at/talea/deutsch

World sales address/es:
La Banda (AT)