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Little Grey Fergie and his New Friend Clunky

Original title: Gråtass får en ny venn
Norway, 2011

Director: Jacobsen, Trond
Production company: Fantasi-Fabrikken AS
Age recommendation: 3 years and up

Gråtass is thriving on the farm, with his friends Goggen, Gamlefar and Grynet. But at times he feels lonely, as he is the only live machine og the farm, and cannot reveal it to the others. Therefore, Gråtass gets Goggen to build the fully automatic, electric, self-propelled scarecrow Skremme. However, when Skremme surpasses him in popularity, Gråtass becomes jealous and does som foolish things to prevent Goggen from presenting Skremme at an invention competition ath the annual fair in the village. As the scrap dealers Hubert and Hieronemus kidnap Skremme, and Gråtass realizes that that it makes Goggen very sad, he regrets what he did and sets out to get the scoundrels. Together with Skremme, Gråtass manages to outwit the two villains and turn them over to the police. however, to succeed, Gråtass has to reveal to everyone at the fair that he is alive and can drive on his own, something which creates a hullabaloo. With Goggen's help, they manage to explain away the whole thing. They claim that both Skremme and Gråtass are Goggen's remote controlled inventions, and Gråtass gets the new friend he wished for.

Krisitiansand 2011, Chicago 2011

Website: www.gratass.no

World sales address/es:
Attraction Distribution (CDN)

Sold to:
Sandrew Metronome Norge
Vivarto (PL)