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Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang

Original title: Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang
German title: Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang
Sweden, 2006

Director: Veyshtaguin, Igor
Production company: Happy Life Animation
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

Loranga is the best dad in the world. He’s totally laid back. Nothing can faze him. His son Muffin can do anything he wants – play hockey on the breakfast table, turn the garage into a swimming pool. Loranga’s own dad, Dartanjang, is a different kettle of fish: permanently grumpy and reclusive, he lives in his own little cabin near Loranga and Muffin, because he doesn’t want to catch any germs. But, of course, Dartanjang gets sick anyway, and all hell breaks loose. This delightful cartoon comedy about the topsy-turvy world of Loranga, Muffin and Dartanjang is based on a series of absurd children’s books written by Barbro Lindgrens in the late 1960s, which were enormously popular in Sweden – probably because they poke fun at traditional authority with such deliciously irreverent wit.

Animation (50 Min.) based on a novel by Ulf Stark

Nordic Filmdays Lübeck 2006, Berimor's Cinema Riga 2007

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