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Long live the Queen

Original title: Lang leve die Koningin
German title: Lang lebe die Königin
Netherlands, 1995

Director: Lammers, Esmé
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

Sara is fascinated by chess. Her friend, Victor, assures her that anyone can learn to play. He tells her the story of a fairy-tale Queen who, living in a palace with a black and white floor, invents the game to entertain her bored King and thus prevent him from going to war. Sara's imagination transports her into the palace and there, with the Queen, she learns how to play chess - a skill which brings about a surprising development in her life.

KJK 4/96
A charming film and a great pre-Christmas treat for children and adults.

Winner of several Best Film Awards in 1996.

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France TV President Classics (F)

Sold to:
Bundesverband Jugend und Film (DE)
Matthias-Film (D)
Park Junior (NL)
Folkets Bio (SE)
Jef (BE)