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Love + Hate

Original title: Love + Hate
German title: Love + Hate
Ireland, Great Britain, 2005

Director: Savage, Dominic
Production company: Ruby Films Production
Co-producers: UK Film Council, BBC Films
Age recommendation: 14 years and up

In an industrial city in northern England, tensions have come to crisis point between the local population and the immigrants. Influenced by his mother and sister, Adam has a kindled racist attitude towards foreigners. Naseema is a young girl from a family of Muslim immigrants; although her father is a liberal man, her brother Yousif knows only violence as a mean of countering the violence. When Adam and Naseema meet for the first time, their mutual attraction is immediately apparent. Adam’s prejudices soon begin to waver in the face of Naseema’s charm. Faced with the task of choosing between his family and his beloved, Adam chooses Naseema and a difficult time full of hostility and conflict begins for the couple. But Adam and Naseema’s private bliss is not enough to sustain their relationship. If their love is to survive, they must surmount the deep-seated prejudices within their community.

"Love & Hate" is a modern love story set across the racial divide in a Northern town.

Uncompromising, trenchant and passionate, Love + Hate is the latest revealing look at contemporary Britain from rising filmmaker Dominic Savage. (Zlin Festival 2006)

Würzburg 2006, BUFF Malmö 2006 (awarded), Zlin 2006 (awarded), Discovery Dundee 2006

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