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Little Big Girl

Original title: Ulvepigen Tinke
German title: Tinke - Kleines starkes Mädchen
Denmark, 2002

Director: Koehlert, Morten
Production company: Asa Film Production
Age recommendation: 8 years and up

1850. A shepherd boy finds a young girl in a wretched condition. The savage Tinke has lost both her parents, and she is brought into the care of a farmer. But Tinke, it turns out, is from a wealthy family; her dying mother once gave her a necklace, the proof of her identity, but this valuable family heirloom has been mislaid ...

Based on the novel by Cecil Bødker.

"We were particulary impressed by Tinke, a girl small in age but large in spirit. The unique story transports us to a world of 150 years ago by means of exquisite scenes, artisitc camera work and an exceptional actress. Friendship, loss and tolerance are the themes of this film that touches the heart. In spite of her harsh fate and threatening situations, we are never afraid for Tinke. She goes her way to an unexpected ending with an inner strength that accompanies us home from the movie theatre." (Jury Lucas Filmfestival 2002, Frankfurt)

"A film that has a simple clear, straightforward and universal story that children all over the world can identify with, in which the children have strong characters and strong beliefs. It is a great credit to the director's talent that such excellent performances have been drawn from such young actors. The story is complimanted by the outstanding cinematography." (CIFEJ-Jury Lucas Filmfestival 2002, Frankfurt)

This drama captures the bond of childhood friendship like no other. (Leeds Children's Film Festival 2003)

"Excellent acting, the best we have ever seen from children and overall a brilliant drama based on Cinderella with a twist". (Jury, Leeds 2003)

Giffoni 2002 (awarded), Lucas Filmfestival 2002 Frankfurt (awarded), Buster Copenhagen 2002, Chemnitz 2002 (awarded), Sandnes 2002, Chicago 2002, Cinekid Amsterdam 2002, Luebeck 2002, London 2002, Oulu 2002, Würzburg 2003 (awarded), Antwerp 2003 (awarded), Laon 2003 (awarded), Sochi 2003 (awarded), Leeds 2003 (awarded), Plein la bobine - Sancy 2003, Stuttgart 2003, Toronto 2003 (awarded), Cologne 2003 (awarded), Vienna 2003 (awarded), Augsburg 2003 (awarded), Filmberry Riga 2004, Cinepänz Cologne 2004, Cairo 2004 (awarded), Kassel 2006

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