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Left Foot, Right Foot

Original title: Left Foot, Right Foot
German title: Left Foot, Right Foot
Switzerland, 2013

Director: Roaux, Germinal
Production company: CAB Productions SA
Age recommendation: 16 years and up

Marie, 18 year-old, a subdued young woman just emerging from adolescence, is drawn by luxury and glitter like a moth to a flame. Her life changes dramatically when she meets Olivier, 45 year-old, a wealthy nightclub owner, who is unable to resist her disconcerting candour. Through him, she learns how to make easy money without realising what she has got herself into. Her boyfriend, Vincent, a broke young skater, 21 year-old, who looks after Mika, his autistic and mute brother, remains blissfully unaware until the day when…

Giffoni 2014

Website: www.cabproductions.ch

World sales address/es:
RTV Switzerland (CH)