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Lost Christmas

Original title: Lost Christmas
German title: Lost Christmas *
Great Britain, 2011

Director: Hay, John
Production company: Impact Film & Television Ltd
Co-producers: BBC

It is Christmas Eve and everyone is getting ready for the big day; everyone that is, except for Anthony, a strange, enigmatic being who wakes up in the street, not knowing where he is or what he’s here to do. But Anthony has a remarkable ability: the power to find the lost.

Is Anthony’s ability real, or just an illusion? (www.bbc.co.uk)

Those of you will remembering John Hay’s festival winner THERE’S ONLY ONE JIMMY GRIMBLE might have wondered when he would return to directing something suitable for families once again. I’m pleased to say that his latest film LOST CHRISTMAS is a bittersweet tale that has a taste of the best of ‘A Christmas Carol’ blended with a hint of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE to produce a wonderfully original Christmas story dealing with loss, self-sacrifice and destiny. After losing his parents at an early age and blaming himself for their demise, young Goose turns to a life of petty crime. He meets Anthony, a mysterious, enigmatic character who appears out of nowhere. Anthony reveals an ability to uncover lost truths that will have an impact on Goose, his family and everything that he believes in. LOST CHRISTMAS is a magical and ultimately uplifting story with a fine cast and a welcome return to the family circuit for John Hay. (Justin Johnson, British Film Institute)

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