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Lippel's Dream

Original title: Lippels Traum
German title: Lippels Traum
Germany, 2009

Director: Büchel, Lars
Production company: Collina
Co-producers: BR, B.A. Produktion, element e
Age recommendation: 6 years and up

When 11-year-old Philipp is left in the care of evil housekeeper Mrs. Jakob, he dreams himself into a fairy-tale world, where his real-world cares turn into madcap adventure.

Shy 11-year-old Philipp, whom everyone just calls Lippel, lives in a small town in Germany with his father, a famous gourmet chef. When his dad has to go away on business for a week, he leaves Lippel in the care of his new housekeeper, Mrs. Jakob. She seems very nice at first, but soon Lippel finds himself arguing with her over little household matters. It slowly turns into a domestic war, while Lippel seeks escape in his dreams at night, fleeing into an oriental fairy-tale world. There, his father is the lovable but weak king, whose children are at the mercy of his malevolent sister-in-law. The dreamworld double for Mrs. Jakob wants to do away with the children to take the throne herself. Soon Lippel finds himself living through incredible adventures
in his dreams… The all-star cast featuring Moritz Bleibtreu, Anke Engelke, and Uwe Ochsenknecht brings the story by leading German children’s author Paul Maar to vivid life on the big screen.

Based on the German best-selling book by children's author Paul Maar, that was published among others in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary and Latvia.

Berlin Generation Kplus 2009, Giffoni 2009, Buster Copenhagen 2009, Michel Hamburg 2009, Chicago 2009 (awarded), Sprockets Toronto 2010, Cinemagic Dublin 2010

World sales address/es:
Telepool / Global Screen (DE)

Sold to:
Universum (DE)