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LasseMaja's Detective Agency - The Chameleon Strikes Back

Original title: LasseMajas Detektivbyrå - Kameleontents hämnd
German title: Chamäleon schlägt zurück, Das
Sweden, 2008

Director: Georgsson, Henrik
Production company: AB Svensk Filmindustri
Co-producers: SVT, Gotlands Filmfond, Break even Film
Age recommendation: 9 years and up

A 10-year-old case returns to the fore when strange things start to happen in Valleby shortly after the notorious Conny-Chameleon is released from prison. A skull takes centre stage when a series of mysterious messages draws Lasse and Maja deeper and deeper into their most challenging case so far. Thirst for revenge and ingenious disguises really make things difficult for our friends, who are forced to come up with more bold and cunning stratagems than ever before to restore order to Valleby.

LasseMaja’s Detective Agency – The Chameleon Strikes Back takes place in the autumn, and the little town of Valleby is in a festive mood as the winner of the most popular person contest is set to be announced on the main square. Our detectives Lasse and Maja are on the scene along with all the other partygoers. The winner by a long shot is Valleby’s own Police Chief, but when the lifelike bust is going to be unveiled, delight gives way to shock. The bust of the Police Chief has been replaced by a skull. This is the first of a series of strange events to be visited upon Valleby and especially the Police Chief. Lasse and Maja immediately take on the case, even though Lasse seems to have lost his spark and mostly just sits there with his head buried in an old book about the town’s founder, Duke Valle and his escapades. He is especially fascinated by the chapter about Duke Valle’s treasure. As the investigation progresses, the Police Chief’s behaviour changes...

Kristiansand 2009, Lucas Frankfurt 2009, Nordic Filmdays Lübeck 2009, Oulu 2009, Ale Kino Poznan 2009, Antwerp/Brugge 2010, Chicago 2010, Augsburg 2011

World sales address/es:
Reinvent (DK)

Sold to:
Svensk Filmindustri (SE)
New Horizons (PL)